Kick Off Pinball

Kick Off Pinball 1.3

Fast and frantic 3D soccer pinball game

Kick Off Pinball is a 3D pinball game for Android with a soccer theme. View full description


  • Easy to play
  • Super 3D graphics
  • Pulsating sound effects
  • Fun, soccer themed missions


  • Just one board
  • No multiplayer option


Kick Off Pinball is a 3D pinball game for Android with a soccer theme.

As with the real thing, the object of Kick Off Pinball is to score as many points as you can by shooting and flicking a marble around a table. Depending on what you hit along the way you will open up a series of fun 'specials', which are mini games centered around soccer.

Kick Off Pinball is graphically impressive. The game starts with a top-down view, then slowly the camera angles upward and the whole thing moves into gorgeous 3D. The sound effects in the game are true to a real pinball table. Stereo is used to create pulsating effects that are especially enjoyable through headphones.

The music in the game is good if you like rock, but the soundtrack is completely dominated by one band, The Parlotones, so if you're not keen on them you might get annoyed after a while.

It's easy to pick up and play Kick Off Pinball thanks to its simple touch controls. That's just as well really because there are no instructions included within the game. In fact, Kick Off Pinball lacks any kind of options or settings. There's just one table to choose from, for instance, plus there's no link-up multiplayer mode.

That said, if you enjoy pinball games and happen to be a soccer fanatic too, you'll love playing Kick Off Pinball.

Kick Off Pinball


Kick Off Pinball 1.3